Colourpuncture 2015

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Dear Colourpuncture Learners, Hope you have had a great year and managed to harness all these strong energies of transformation that 2014 had in store for the Planet. Our mid-winter reflections on the 2014: the new Professional Colourpuncture training course. Our … Continued

Learning Colourpuncture: choosing your course

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Learning Colourpuncture Light Therapy: how to choose which particular course/workshop is right for you? Professional Colourpuncture Training Course  in Colourpuncture light therapy  will give you everything you need to become a ‘Colourpuncture Therapist according to Peter Mandel‘ which is an internationally recognized qualification at a Certificate and Diploma (after a Colourpuncture exam) … Continued

Auricular (Ear) Colourpuncture

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Auricular Colourpuncture or Ear Colourpuncture is a part of Colourpuncture light therapy which uses classic Auricular Acupuncture (AA) points as well as new Ear Reflex Zones originally described by Peter Mandel. Auricular Colourpuncture started off as a Colourpuncture light therapy used … Continued

Colourpuncture for pain clinic: research evidence

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An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture light therapy with a Perlux IR-950 Infra-Red Colourpuncture Set provides an effective pain relief, leading to using fewer pain-killers as well as improved quality of life and general well-being, according to a recent European research Colourpuncture … Continued

Colourpuncture provides effective pain relief

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Colourpuncture light therapy provides an effective pain relief according to a recent research. An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture with a Perlux IR-950 Infra-Red Set was used in this new research into Colourpuncture confirming earlier empirical results in Peter Mandel’s  clinic based on hundreds … Continued