Basic Colour Properties and Indications in Colourpuncture:



Complementary colour pairs:

  • ‘Endocrine’: Blue/Orange
  • ‘Toxic-Lymphatic’: Yellow/Violet
  • ‘Degenerative’: Green/Red


Complementary colours application rule:

On symmetrical points:

  1. text both sides for sensitivity
  2. treat the side which is more sensitive with cooler colour of the pair (Blue; Violet; Green)
  3. treat the other side with warmer colour. 


On non-symmetrical points:

  • Choose a warmer colour to activate the point/Zone (Red; Orange; Yellow – check colour indications)
  • Choose a cooler colour to sedate the point/Zone (Green; Blue; Violet – check colour indications)



If there is a negative reaction to a particular point, try a complementary colour; if this doesn’t help, stop treating the point and move to the next point of the sequence