Induction therapy 

Life is a rhythm. A multitude of mechanisms within our bodies ensure that we react accordingly to day- and night time, the change of seasons, effort and relaxation. Our brain is changing rhythms – or brainwaves – on a regular basis. Both health and disease correspond to changes in our natural brain rhythms.

Rhythms of Life

Our daily life on a conscious and subconscious level oscillates within four frequency ranges:
Beta rhythm: 14 – 30 Hz. Beta corresponds to wakefulness, concentration, alertness, fear.
Alpha rhythm: 7,5 – 13,5 Hz. Alpha corresponds to relaxation, resting, sleepiness.
Theta rhythm: 4 – 7 Hz. Theta corresponds to light sleep and deep meditation. This state supports your memory, creativity and intuition.
Delta rhythm: 0,5 – 3,5 Hz. Delta corresponds to deep sleep. Regeneration, important for a healthy immune system, and all deep healing processes happen in delta.

Induction therapy programs

The 19 programs of the holistic induction therapy of Esogetic Medicine gently remind our brain about its own original harmonious rhythms of correct oscillatory behavior. Carefully and with great precision the brain is guided towards oscillating in the natural rhythm and to change from one frequency range to another according to any situation.

The most popular programs of Esogetic Induction therapy which we use in our Colorpuncture clinic are sleep, stress (headache) and rest programs.

The Esogetic Induction therapy machine is approved in hospitals in Europe.