Professional Colourpuncture training courses in 2012

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Happy New 2012! We wish you much love, light, colours, health, happiness and professional success.

Intensive training course in Professional Colourpuncture starting on the 10th of January, long week-end trainings starting in October and Saturdays only trainings in London are your options for learning Esogetic Colorpuncture at the Level 1 in 2012.

How to choose which training will work best for you personally?

Intensive training in Colourpuncture within 3 weeks of January, 3 long weekends over a 3-month time period or 9 Saturdays?

They are all good choices. However, from our graduates’ feedback as well as our own experience of working with students of Professional Colourpuncture light therapy the following might help to find you best solution.

Intensive training will be the best if you:

  • Have some background in natural health, complementary or alternative therapies or are in the process of training
  • Have some working knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology or are in the process of training
  • Believe that the logistics of the course work better for you – if you have to travel long distance, for example
  • Were trained in a colour light related natural health therapies before
  • Were trained in Esogetic Colourpuncture in the past but feel that you would really benefit from a good update
  • Like and learn best in the environment of intensive training
  • Will have reasonable opportunities to practice as soon as possible after you finish your training course to integrate your newly acquired knowledge and skills

3 long week-ends over October, November and December 2012 will work best if you:

  • Are new to Colourpuncture or any natural health complementary therapy
  • Do not have much previous A&P knowledge
  • Generally have a busy schedule and feel you will need to make an effort to find possibilities to practice between your Modules
  • Work best in a more time relaxed learning environment with big gaps between the modules
  • Health challenges are your primary reasons for learning colour light therapy and they can be an additional pressure for you during learning time.
  • Will fly or take a train to the training venue as this training will be held near Manchester International Airport with good rail connections
  • Like to learn in ‘blocks’; additional possibilities of Boundaries and Dream therapy, Crystal therapy and some Advanced Colourpuncture light therapy training will be scheduled next to these Colourpuncture Modules with logistics  in mind
London’s Saturdays’ 2012 option will work best for you if you:
  • live in or near London
  • have a very busy lifestyle and Saturday is the only day you can reasonable commit to learning Colourpuncture

Our first 2012 training, the Intensive Colourpuncture course is starting on the 10th of January in South Manchester. There will be an option to also attend both Boundaries colour light workshop and Dream workshop on the day before, the 9th of January.

We will see you there!

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  1. Emma Griffin

    would you send details of your upcomming practitioner courses.
    Thank you

  2. Sam Rose

    Could you please send me details of professional training in London – dates, venue and prices?

    Thank you!

  3. Irina

    Dear Emma,
    Thank you for your interest in Professional Colourpuncture training course. You will receive the details for 2013 by e-mail shortly.
    Kind regards,

  4. Irina

    Dear Kathryn,

    Thank you for your interest in Colourpuncture training and sorry for the delay in answering your comment.

    At the moment, as far as we are aware, there is no Colourpuncture training organization in Ireland. The best training option for you would be our on-line/intensive training or modular training in Stockport (not far from Manchester International Airport with easy links to Dublin). Please find details here:

    If this is not suitable for you, we will keep you on our mailing list and will let you know when/if any Colourpuncture training in Ireland become available.

    Kind regards,

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