UK Professional Colourpuncture training course Module 3: 9-11th Decemeber 2011

Finishing off the Level 1 of Professional training in Esogetic Colourpuncture: Module 3 on the 9-11th of December 2011 in South Manchester.

Soul-Spirit colours for Crystal Colorpuncture
Crystal Colourpuncture in Soul-Spirit colours with Crystal Ball

You will learn more options to address chronic and degenerative conditions of Degenerative basic pattern and start discovering outstanding therapy options of Esogetic Medicine for therapy resistance – Conflict Resolution Therapies. These include Prenatal and Birth therapy as well as therapy of Childhood stages and current conflict situation.

Having completed your learning of the basics of colourpuncture light therapy – Endocrine, Toxic and Degenerative patterns of disease, you will start mastering the art of tailoring your colour light therapy to your client’s individuality by discovering organ Function Circles in light and colours, based on 5 elements theory of traditional Chinese Medicine.

We are wishing you a happy journey completing the Level 1 of Professional training course in Esogetic Colourpuncture!

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