Colourpuncture: Colour and Light for your Body and Soul is maintained by Colourpuncture Academy, trading name of The Colourpuncture Academy Ltd, registered in England in 2007.

Colourpuncture Academy is an official UK partner of the International Mandel Institute and the Esogetics GmbH.  We offer Professional Colourpuncture training, CPD seminars for therapists and Colourpuncture At Home workshops for general health and well-being.

We offer a full range of Esogetic products.

We also run a private Colourpuncture  and Acupuncture clinic in South Manchester, UK.

Contact details of our graduates who practice at different locations are available on request.

We aim to provide you with knowledge and practicalities on what you will likely need while learning Colourpuncture, from the moment you decide to join Colourpuncture training course, all the way through your training and opening your own Colourpuncture practice, and beyond.

We provide professional training courses, seminars  and workshops on behalf of the International Mandel Institute. Our training courses and workshops in Colourpuncture,  Energy Emission Analysis, as well as Induction therapy, Crystal therapy and Dream therapy are designed both for general public and for therapists.

You will learn how you can use Colourpuncture to treat a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological problems including those normally resistant to other therapies.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please see our ‘F.A.Q.’ page.