General care of your Perlux 117 Colourpuncture light pen (also applicable for F333 and Combi 450 Perlux Colourpuncture light pens)

Colourpuncture light pen Perlux 117 is a basic tool for point treatment in Colourpuncture light therapy. Perlux 117 is a part of two Colourpuncture light therapy sets: Perlux 117 for Colourpuncture point treatment and Perlux PF 450 for Colourpuncture point and surface treatment.

The Perlux 117 Colourpuncture light pen is a high quality product designed to last a lifetime with careful use. Perlux 117 pens rarely need any repairs or servicing. Unless you mechanically damage your pen, for example by dropping it on a hard surface,  it should not present any problems in the first decade of use. It usually takes some initial period of you getting used to operating your Colourpuncture light pen. When your pen is new it will feel slightly tight to turn which is normal.

  • Please store your light pen in a hard box and handle with care
  • Keep it at room temperature and do not subject it to very high or low temperatures and excessive humidity
  • Do not use non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries together in a pen at the same time
  • Do not switch it off by turning it clockwise to the very end but just little enough for the light to go off, about half of a turn
  • Keep an eye on a little window to make sure your pen is on when you use it especially during long treatments or using grey colours
  • Make sure you switch your pen off before storing it after use
  • When you are not using your pen regularly, it is better to remove the batteries to avoid a potential corrosion from a leakage of battery fluid into the pen

Servicing of Perlux 117 

Your Perlux 117 Colourpuncture light pen might need some servicing after a decade or two of use. This would normally include  changing of  inner rubber rings. Please contact us for advice if you feel your pen might need some servicing.

Cleaning of Perlux 117 

To keep your  Perlux 117 Colourpuncture light pen clean and working smoothly you need to remove the dust and carbon builds ups on the electrical connections. With extensive use you might need to clean your pen at least once a month. To clean your Perlux 117, remove the batteries, di-assemble your pen and carefully wipe out the parts with a damp cloth. Regular cleaning will remove dust and carbon build-up. Alternatively, you can use a soft eraser to rub it around all the electrical contact areas and the tip of the bulb, the base of the bulb, the spring and other connections.

You can clean the glass rods with slightly warm water when using it at home and with alcohol when you use your pen in the clinic.

Maintenance of Perlux 117

With extensive use the light will begin to flicker from time to time. This is normal as switching it on and off repeatedly leads to loosening the connection between the bulb and the battery. When this happens please unscrew the head of the Perlux 117 and screw the bulb tightly but carefully back into place and then put the head back on.

If your pen gives intermittent light often you might have over-twisted it repeatedly.  Always switch it on and off  by making just half of a turn. It is easy to do but takes some practice. Please handle your pen with more care by turning it on and off smoother and not inserting the glass rods into the pen any deeper then one-third of the rod length as this might interrupt electric connection. If you notice that the inner rubber is damaged please contact us for advice on servicing.

We wish you many years of happy use of your Colourpuncture pen Perlux 117!