Colourpuncture for Addictions is a one day CPD (continuous professional development) seminar for Colourpuncture therapists and Colourpuncture students in the last months of their professional training.

Colourpuncture for Addictions provides you with various therapies and treatments:

  • Ancestry therapy
  • Transmitter Relays for Addictions (different from main Transmitter Relays therapy which is a separate seminar)
  • ‘Passive Water’/Neptune/Pisces influences (based on Greek Medicine 4 Elements theory)
  • Endocrine Insufficiency (different form main Endocrine Insufficiency therapies which form the basic of Part 2 Professional Colourpuncture training)
  • Information barriers
  • ‘I; You; We’ I Ching hexagrams for Addictions
  • Senses: vision, hearing, smelling, testing
  • Auricular Colourpuncture for Addictions.


Resources for Colourpuncture Addictions seminar