Professional Colourpuncture 2019-2020

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Professional Colourpuncture 2019-2020 is starting soon 🙂 Module 1-2: 4-5-6/10/19 Module 3-4: 1-2-3/11/19 Module 5-6: 29-30/11–1/12/19  Module 7-8: 3-5/01/20 Module 9-10: 31/01-2-3/02/20 Module 11-12: 6-7-8/03/20 These are the dates for a full Professional Colourpuncture training 2019-2020 which gives you a … Continued

Prenatal Diagnostic

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‘Prenatal Diagnostic’ is a new Colourpuncture CPD seminar based on a recently expanded Prenatal therapy. “In the development of the human being in the womb the genetic determination of the Mother, Father and Ancestor principle are of great importance as we can … Continued

New: Acupressure massage wand

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A new massage wand from Peter Mandel is now available. It has a small crystal for Acupressure and Crystal pressure of both Acupuncture and Colourpuncture points on the skin. The rounded point of the wand is for local massage – … Continued