Update seminar with Peter Mandel 17-18/02/17 in Germany

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The next Update seminar in Colourpuncture with Peter Mandel will be held on the 18-19/02/17 in Leiman (Heidelberg), Germany (in German language only).

Colourpuncture Update Germany

The following topics will be a focus of this Update seminar:

  • Specific therapy concepts and new treatments in the field of the 6th Transmitter Relay (Immune Relay) for the immune system
  • Individuality of the person – ‘individual information’ – for therapy
  • Polarity concepts in Reflex Fields of the forehead and back of the head
  • New ideas of utilising the concept of body-mind ‘Mediator’ for becoming ‘whole’
  • New Tree of Life concepts

Colourpuncture and Esogetic Crystals will be the main therapeutic media.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this Update seminar.