Professional Colourpuncture 2019-2020

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Professional Colourpuncture 2019-2020 is starting soon 🙂

Module 1-2: 4-5-6/10/19

Module 3-4: 1-2-3/11/19

Module 5-6: 29-30/11–1/12/19 

Module 7-8: 3-5/01/20

Module 9-10: 31/01-2-3/02/20

Module 11-12: 6-7-8/03/20

These are the dates for a full Professional Colourpuncture training 2019-2020 which gives you a Certificate on completion and the right to practice. You can also take any one Module according to your interests or any number of Modules in any combination as each Module has a basic Colourpuncture theory and you can re-join the training in later years – this training offers great flexibility.

Please note that these dates are for Manchester please contact us about trainings in London.

Join us for a transformational personal journey learning Colourpuncture Light therapy!