Colour Beauty is a Short Training Course (4 days) in Colourpuncture Light Therapy with elements of Crystal therapy and Crystalpuncture designed as CPD for Therapists. Colour Beauty training is especially suitable for holistic therapists, beauty therapists and general public.

Course outline:

  • An Introduction to Colourpuncture
  • Primary colours
  • Colour Hexagon: Primary Colours – Complementary Colours
  • The meaning of Colours in Colourpuncture
  • Directions of Energy Flows
  • ‘Grid’ on the body
  • The Colour Facial Mask
  • 13 Facial Zones
  • The Esogetic Law of the Inverted Man
  • The facial Colour Zones of the Inverted Man
  • Physiognomy and Colourpuncture, zones 1-21
  • Wrinkle forms
  • ‘Thinker wrinkles’ treatment
  • ‘Fighter wrinkles’ treatment
  • Upper lip wrinkles treatment
  • Functional Circles and the Skin
  • The Five Function Circles according to Dr Gleditch
  • Blastema lines and Function Circles Lines
  • The Basic Lines of the Skin
  • Lines and points of the Function Circle Lung/Large Intestine
  • Function Circle Lung/Large Intestine
  • The Ear Points of the Skin
  • Basic treatment for the Skin
  • Basic treatment for Acne
  • Lifting of the breasts
  • Basic treatment for Cellulite
  • Scar treatment with the Colour Red or Infra Red
  • The ‘colour shower’ of the feet in complementary pairs of colours and turquoise
  • The LI and Lymph Zones of the Foot Reflex Zone therapy

The full course content will be available shortly. Please contact us on for more details and dates.

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