Crystal-Colourpuncture from Peter Mandel: combining the power of colour, light and crystal therapy.

Esogetic Crystal Colourpuncture in soul-spirit colours

Colourpuncture light therapy can be further enhanced with the use of a Crystal Ball. A long-term Crystal Colourpuncture favorite is now back in all soul-spirit colours: Light Turquoise, Light Green, Crimson and Rose.

What is a Crystal Ball for Colourpuncture light therapy?

The story of Esogetic Crystal Ball started from the insight that the spectrum of colours can be amplified many times through specific cut and arrangements of facets of the crystal sphere. Translated into natural health clinical practice by Peter Mandel, this insight brought many successful results well above expectations and beyond average. A new dimension of Esogetic Colorpuncture has opened up by spreading the spectrum of different colours in this way.

There are many Esogetic therapies which can be markedly enhanced by using Crystal Ball in soul-spirit colours.

For example, the Segment therapy – which works by light application on the defined areas of the skin on the back – can positively effect corresponding internal organs connected with this area according to a new reflex zone topography. Importantly, you can also influence the underlying emotion and/or psychological issue at the same time. The Segment Therapy is usually done with a light pen for point treatment or flat focus light pen for Colorpuncture; however, the results are truly multiplied when you use the Crystal Ball for treatment.

Another example will be a Memory therapy; the premise of the Memory Therapy is that in chronic or degenerative states the original memory of normal function was lost; so Memory Therapy will restore informational, emotional as well as cellular aspects of memory. Memory therapy opens up the flow of life information and so inner communication which mobilizes rigid states and blockages. Memory therapy is a great solution for emotional/conflict stress, systemic diseases, degenerative destructive diseases.

Other Colourpuncture light therapies which are greatly enhanced by using a Crystal Ball include therapies of colour foot reflexology, Esogetic life energy and regeneration therapy, thyroid gland therapy.

And yet another beautiful synergy occurs when you use Crystal Colorpuncture in combination with Point Induction Therapy for a variety of Esogetic Rhythm Therapies.

Currently, a new version of Esogetic Crystal Ball will have a limited first edition so please order now and you can look forward to enhancing your colour puncture light therapy results with Crystal Colourpuncture.