Symbol Dream workshop in Advanced Colourpuncture

Symbol Dream workshop is an Advanced Colourpuncture CPD (continuous professional development) 1-day workshop for Professional Colourpuncture graduates. The first UK’s Symbol Dream workshop will take place on the 11th of May 2013 in Manchester. Goals and Therapeutic Media of Dream … Continued

Learning Esogetic Colourpuncture from the Source!

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Learning the Latest Updates in Esogetic therapies has been a fascinating experience for participants of the International Seminars with Peter Mandel and Markus Wunderlich. The seminars were organized in connection with Peter Mandel’s 70th Birthday celebrations in the enchanting town of Lucerne in November 2011. … Continued

Colourpuncture Institute training courses 2011-2012 in the UK

Colourpuncture Institute UK will start a new cycle of trainings from the International Mandel Institute in September 2011. You are very welcome to join us for the following events: Esogetic Workshops, open for everyone: Dream Therapy          … Continued

Esogetic Crystal therapy 2011 in the UK

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Congratulations to our 2010 Esogetic Crystal therapy workshop participants on being the first to bring a new Crystal therapy into the UK and France! Our next training is scheduled on the 26-27th of March 2011. Please visit for the … Continued

Esogetic Crystals Seminar, 2010

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Esogetic Crystal Therapy workshop finally arrived to the UK! It was a very interesting and inspirational experience. Crystal therapy workshop covered theoretical basis for Esogetic crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel. Participants learnt to use Esogetic crystals as a separate natural therapy … Continued