New Crystal Ball in Light Green for Colourpuncture light therapy

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Combine the power of Crystal therapy and Colourpuncture with exploring a healing potential of this new product from Esogetics approved by the International Mandel Institute. A new and improved version of an old favorite – Crystal Ball for Colorpuncture light therapy with a Perlux P117 pen is finally back in Light Green colour, which is the most used color for Colourpuncture applications.

New Crystal Ball for Colourpuncture

In this great technological solution you will have both the powerful effect of the popular Crystal Ball and peace in mind with handling the glass rod-crystal ball firmly connected together in one unit.

The beauty of the Crystal Ball therapeutic applications is based on the insight that the defined frequencies of “our colors’ possess a specific spectrum, which can be amplified many times through the specific cut and arrangement of the facets of the crystal sphere. The success rate from the treatment with the Crystal Ball have been beyond average since the very first trials in Peter Mandel’s clinic. A new dimension of colorpuncture light therapy has opened up by spreading the spectrum of the different colors in this way. The colour Light Green is unfolding a special effectiveness in all tissue swellings and as an adjunct in tumor therapy.

Your investment in this great product is 159,00 Euros.

The Crystal Ball for Colourpuncture  has been long awaited by many therapists and customers all around the world and as a consequence, the currently available limited stock is in great demand.

Please ORDER your Crystal ball TODAY to avoid disappointment.