Reading on Colourpuncture step 2: “Sense and nonsense of sickness and pain” by Peter Mandel

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What does the word Esogetics mean? Esogetics is a word created by Peter Mandel from combination of esoterics and energetics and reflect the very essence of this new therapeutic system. Based on the Hermetic precepts, esoterics represents the teachings of the cosmic truths and laws, governing this world, and energetics describes the informative energetic processes of life itself. Through energetics, the spiritual content of esoteric wisdom is manifest on the physical plane. Elegantly and powerfully translated by Peter Mandel into a practical and effective therapeutic system Esogetic Medicine is an integrated complementary medicine of the future.

“The sense and nonsense of sickness and pain”

Esogetics teaches there is a sense and nonsense to sickness and pain by presenting a path that can, via the physical body, influence human existence in a holistic way and further an active process of realization. In his book, Peter Mandel presents these thoughts in an understandable and convincing way, corroborating them with both practical examples and clear instructions for therapeutic treatment.

Transmitter Relays of Esogetics