Colour Reflexologyis a Short Training Course (4-days) in Colourpuncture Light Therapy designed as CPD for Therapists. Colour Reflexology uses the application of different Colourpuncture therapies on the feet and based on classic and newly discovered systems of foot Reflexology. The training is designed for therapists practising Reflexology but is also open for anyone who wishes to learn how to treat foot reflex zones with colour light.

Colourpuncture of the Foot Reflex Zones according to Peter Mandel:

Colour Reflexology Part 1

Colour Reflexology Part 2

Entry requirements: entry level training
Recommended reading: ‘Sense and nonsense of sickness and pain’ by Peter Mandel
Recommended equipment: basic Colourpuncture light set and/or Colourpuncture surface treatment set; optional: soul-spirit colours, grey colours.

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