Ophtalmic Genetic Therapy, the OGT,  is a system of Colourpuncture treatments of a Reflex Zone on a forehead. OGT Reflex Zone is originated from Diagnosis of the Eye, Iridology, a diagnostic assessment, which has been successfully used in Natural Therapies during the last couple of centuries. In Iridology,  body organs and systems are represented by corresponding sectors of the Iris, a coloured portion of the eye. The OGT Reflex Zone reflects the Irides on the forehead.

OGT is a 2-Parts, 4 days short course from the International Mandel Institute. While it as created as a CPD for Colourpuncture therapists this course is easy to learn, so it’s open to everyone, you can take the OGT Short Course regardless of Colourpuncture background.

You don’t have to have any background in Iridology to take OGT Short Course as we will provide you with basic grounding in Iridology diagnosis. Basic Iridology knowledge will help you to create long term therapy strategy and treatment plans for yourself and your patients as Iridology findings reflect our family/ancestry predispositions – in health, character traits, disease potential, predominant emotions, psychological challenges is much more!

Take our OGT or Colourpuncture Iridology Short Course to take the guesswork out of your treatment planning!