Colourpuncture Update includes an up-to-date material of the Professional Colourpuncture Level 1 training course (Parts 1-6) in a very compact form. The Colourpuncture Update introduces new Grey fields, Iridology,  Ophthalmic-Genetic therapies (OGT), Crystalpuncture and more. Colourpuncture Update is a 3 days course.

Colourpuncture Update course will suit you if you have been trained with the International Mandel Institute before 2014 and practiced Colourpuncture for some time.

If you have been trained with any other organization and/or do not have much experience practicing Colourpuncture then our Colourpuncture Level 1 (Parts 1-6) intensive will suit you better. Please contact us if you would like advice on choosing the best option for an Update.

Colourpuncture Update training course content:

Diagnostic assessment:

  •  the 4+1 esogetic principles of disease
  • esogetic iris diagnosis
  • introduction into Energy Emission Analysis (Kirlian Photography)
  • esogetic axes: organ diagnosis though the foot
  • esogetic pathophysiognomy and tongue diagnosis
  • esogetic diagnosis of upper and lower lip
  • new Function Circle diagnosis with Ether field
  • new back segment diagnostics for Toxic pattern
  • the polar points fingers diagnostics
  • the ‘squaring of the circle’ – elements, senses, rhythms and Function Circles
  • the squaring of the segments
  • the pressure points on the neck according to Adler/Langer

How Colourpuncture utilises major insights of the last century:

  • the abdominal brain
  • the neuroglia
  • brain pattern of childhood conditioning

The therapeutic media of Colourpuncture :

  • Examples of functional diagnosis and regulation tests for all the 3 basic patterns – Endocrine, Toxic and Degenerative

New theory, treatments and therapies:

  • the principle of facial grid
  • rhythms of ‘Shadow Ear’
  • OGT with templates for all the 3 basic patterns
  • the inspection of the oral cavity and retro molar space
  • test of projection of sinuses
  • the line of the mesenchyme and the neuroglia
  • the new reflex zones of the patella
  • the ‘information barrier’
  • the lymph rhythms
  • the therapy of the mesenchymal rhythms
  •  the Vogler and pancreas crosses
  • the developmental structure of disease and pain
  • focal intoxication and medulla oblongata
  • the Acupuncture ECIWO line
  • combination for high blood pressure
  • the Ren12 and Tschong Mo crosses
  • the therapy of ‘remembrance’ and memory line
  • the phenomenology of the transformational phases of disease
  • the line of consciousness
  • the ‘Butterflies’ of the relay

You will receive templates for therapies:

  • endocrine insufficiency
  • first small region – stomach
  • second small region – intestines
  • the points of the neuroglia
  • the points of the mesenchyme
  • mesenchymal rhythms
  • medulla rhythms
  • high blood pressure
  • ear problems therapy

And more!

Please also visit our main Colourpuncture training course page for detailed description of other training options.

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