Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

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Make a fresh start in January 2014 – join us on Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course (Part 1)!

This 12 days traditional – ‘live’ – training, starting on the 2/01/14 of January will take place in Stockport, UK. The Part 2 of this training (12 days) will take place in summer 2014 (the dates for Part 2 are to be confirmed shortly).

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course 2014 Part 1 dates are:

the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of January (the 6th is a free day)
the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th (the 11th is a free day)
the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th.

On your Professional Colourpuncture training course you will be learning the Esogetic concept and theory as well as receiving and giving some Colourpuncture treatments every day. On the last day of the training we will be focusing on theory, overview, conclusions, questions, discussion and personal treatment plans.

All the equipment that you need for your Colourpuncture learning will be provided for you whilst you are at the training. However, as a student of Professional Colourpuncture you might consider investing into your own tools from the very beginning (all the Colourpuncture products will be available for immediate order at the beginning of the training).

The recommended Colourpuncture light set is Perlux P-117 or ‘Combi set’ Perlux PF-450 which includes both Colourpuncture point-treatment and surface treatment pens.

Polarity crystals (Gold and Silver crystals), Element crystals and Crystalpuncture tattoos make a good starting point for Colourpuncture combination.

Esogetic Oil Relax is recommended as an essential part of various Colourpuncture therapy treatment plans.

The training will take place in Stockport; a training venue is about 15 min taxi ride (about 40 min public transport) from Manchester International Airport, and about 7 min taxi/bus ride from Stockport railway station (2 hrs train ride from London).

The main focus of this Professional training is Colourpuncture light therapy; however, there will be numerous options of other therapeutic media: piezo-electro therapy, crystal therapy, crystalpuncture, induction therapy, therapies with Esogetic Oil, Acupressure, Infra-Red-puncture (IR), Ultra-violet-puncture (UV). Different therapeutic media are used alongside Colourpuncture treatments which will allow you to see when/how it is possible to combine various media within one treatment.

Please contact us on asap if you are interested in joining this group.

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