the Academy: Professional Colourpuncture 2016-2017

Registration is open for modular Professional Colourpuncture training 2016-2017. Please register 100+ days in advance (by the end of June 2016)  for an ‘early bird’ discount. Part 1: 7-8/10/16, Introduction to Colourpuncture Part 2: 4-5/11/16, Endocrine Basic Pattern Part 3: 2-3/12/16, Toxic … Continued

Colourpuncture 2015

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Dear Colourpuncture Learners, Hope you have had a great year and managed to harness all these strong energies of transformation that 2014 had in store for the Planet. Our mid-winter reflections on the 2014: the new Professional Colourpuncture training course. Our … Continued

Colourpuncture for pain clinic: research evidence

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An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture light therapy with a Perlux IR-950 Infra-Red Colourpuncture Set provides an effective pain relief, leading to using fewer pain-killers as well as improved quality of life and general well-being, according to a recent European research Colourpuncture … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

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Make a fresh start in January 2014 – join us on Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course (Part 1)! This 12 days traditional – ‘live’ – training, starting on the 2/01/14 of January will take place in Stockport, UK. The Part 2 … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture training course in the UK starts October 2012

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Professional Colourpuncture training course Level 1 (Basic Colourpuncture) in the UK starting in October in Manchester is an opportunity for you to start learning professional Colourpuncture in 2012. Professional Colourpuncture training in London is postponed until spring-summer 2013. Level 2 … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture training courses in 2012

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Happy New 2012! We wish you much love, light, colours, health, happiness and professional success. Intensive training course in Professional Colourpuncture starting on the 10th of January, long week-end trainings starting in October and Saturdays only trainings in London are … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture training course Module 2 in November 2011 in the UK

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Module 2 of the Professional training course in Esogetic Colourpuncture will be held on the 11-13th of November 2011 in South Manchester. In Module 2 you will be mastering some further diagnosis and application of Colour puncture light therapy for the Toxic/lymphatic … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course Module 1 starts in October 2011 in the UK

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Professional Colourpuncture Course Module 1 will open a training cycle of Colourpuncture training 2011-2012 in the UK which will consist of 6 Modules (18 days in total). In Module 1 you will be learning how you can use light and … Continued

Colourpuncture Institute training courses 2011-2012 in the UK

Colourpuncture Institute UK will start a new cycle of trainings from the International Mandel Institute in September 2011. You are very welcome to join us for the following events: Esogetic Workshops, open for everyone: Dream Therapy          … Continued

Colourpuncture training course price offer 2011

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In order to introduce more people to Colourpuncture light therapy in 2011 the Colourpuncture Institute UK offers a 25% discount in tuition fees if you bring a fully-paying friend or colleague who is new to Colourpuncture or Energy Emission Analysis with … Continued