Colourpuncture for pain clinic: research evidence

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An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture light therapy with a Perlux IR-950 Infra-Red Colourpuncture Set provides an effective pain relief, leading to using fewer pain-killers as well as improved quality of life and general well-being, according to a recent European research Colourpuncture for pain relief in a retirement home setting.

An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture incoherent infrared light of a vibrational frequency of 950 nm as a therapeutic media for pain treatment have been used in Peter Mandel’s clinic since the 90’s following the bio-physical research by Prof. F. Popp.

The recent Colourpuncture for pain relief clinic research was conducted on 12 patients with an average age of 85.8 years. The research included weekly Colourpuncture treatments for 1 year. Pain perception measurements were conducted by nursing personnel according to standard protocol used in all Swiss hospitals and independently from a Colourpuncture therapist delivering the treatments.

A significant pain reduction up to complete pain dis-appearance in majority of patients were reported alongside with subjective noticeable increased quality of life.

Drug consumption decreased accordingly with pain reduction across all levels used: NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs), weak opiod drugs and opioid drugs. Drugs reduction was prescribed and the process monitored by the patients’ doctors. Consequently, daily costs of care dropped significantly in proportion with amounts of drugs used.

This new research into Colourpuncture light therapy which used independent objective assessment of pain levels fully confirmed earlier empirical results both in Peter Mandel’s clinic and numerous Colourpuncture clinics around the world based on hundreds of patients.

If your Colourpuncture clinic focuses on pain relief you might like to read full details of this Colourpuncture for pain relief research. Infra-Red Colourpuncture is normally used alongside with spectral Colourpuncture in many treatment protocols and therapies studied in Professional Colourpuncture training course.

IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture Set Perlux IR-950  also makes an ideal independent tool for daily home use as well as a valuable addition to an existing therapeutic media in any holistic Natural Health practice.

If you are not a student of Professional Colourpuncture and would like to now how to start using IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture Set Perlux IR-950 in your practice or at home please contact us on

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