Kirlian Photography training Part 1 in May 2014

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Our next training is Kirlian Photography or Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) training course Part 1 on the 16-19th of May 2014 (Part 2 will be in September 2014). The last day for applications for this training is Friday the 11th of April. The next Kirlian Photography training course is planned for 2017.

Kirlian Photography training course is an ideal choice for complementary healthcare practitioners who want to take a guess work out of diagnostic assessment and both short-term and long-term therapy monitoring. Even though this training was designed with corresponding Colourpuncture treatments in mind, Energy Emission Analysis can serve as a center point of diagnostic assessment in any natural holistic therapy practice.

It is important to remember that you can use Kirlian photography in a 3-fold manner: for initial assessment of a patient’s present health situation, immediately after a treatment in order to see an effect of a particular treatment on your patient and, for monitoring of a therapy progress over longer periods of time.

Kirlian Photography is also an incredible visual tool offering much clarity and insight into both nature of presenting dis-ease and dis-balance and their most likely roots and origins. Energy Emission Analysis allows you to track down the roots of an initial dis-balance to a particular time and age of a person and also to elucidate an underlying emotion/psychological issue which has been contributing into a development of the dis-ease since its first made a ‘nest’ in a physical body.

A famous start-goal strategy in reading of a Kirlian picture allows you to see the development of a dis-ease; while, very importantly, Energy Emission Analysis also gives insight into individual resources of a person which can indicate a choice, depth and strength of a therapy plan.

Energy Emission Analysis developed by Peter Mandel on principles of Kirlian Photorgaphy is an easy-to-learn tool which can quickly enhance – if not transform – an existing holistic health practice of any size and therapeutic direction. More…

Contact us now to enroll on our 2014 Kirlian Photography training or put your name on our mailing list for 2017 course.

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