the Clinic: a simple use of Red colour in Colourpuncture

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Colourpuncture for Natural Health

  • How to start using Colourpuncture at home getting it ‘right’ from the very beginning?
  • How to explain Colourpuncture to somebody who is new to it?
  • How to create a useful simple summary of your Colourpuncture learning?
  • Don’t you sometimes wish you had ‘an alphabet’ of Colourpuncture?

Here’s our attempt to answer these questions: a video series ‘A Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture’.


A Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture

In this series we use Acupuncture points Yin Tang and LI4 to show how different colours of Colourpuncture applied on the same Acupuncture points will produce a different effect on the body according to colour indications in Colourpuncture.

An ‘Active RED’ video and a related post with further details opens ‘A Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture’.

Please let us know your opinion on the video clarity and usefulness and ask any questions/give comments and share your experience of Colourpuncture application.

This particular points combination is also very useful in building up your Immune System and balancing Acupuncture meridians related to Lungs health.



  • If you have a Perlux P117 please follow our video demonstration and detailed explanations in the related post
  • If you do Acupuncture you can use Acupuncture needles before Colourpuncture
  • If you don’t have a Perlux yet a fingertips Acupressure or Acupressure with a specially designed Acupoint locator pen will still work well on Yin Tang and LI4
  • If you would like to invest into a Perlux P117 we have a 10% discount on ALL Esogetic products in June 2020 (please subscribe to our Colourpuncture Newsletter and follow the links to take advantage of our offer)


Have a great start of summer and have fun practicing Colourpuncture for Beginners with Colour Red 🙂


N.B. If you would like to build this free video fragment to a full, incredibly useful treatment sequence for Colds/Flus which gives reliable and sustainable results and also learn treatments for hhh join us for Colourpuncture Short Workshop coming soon!