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Kirlian photography or Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) is the center point for Diagnostic Assessment within Esogetic system. Kirlian photography is also a very popular diagnostic assessment method used by therapists of many fields of complementary natural healthcare. Kirlian photography (EEA, Energy Emission Analysis)  course is a full Professional training which will give you everything you need to become a specialist in Kirlian Photography according to Peter Mandel. It is a standalone course focusing on Diagnostic Assessment and the main Professional Colourpuncture training course is not a prerequisite for participation. 

This is an entry level training course for students with or without Colourpuncture or any other therapy background. It is a self-contained training for those who wish to learn a modern diagnostic approach which can be used in a clinical setting both for immediate non-invasive diagnosis and – if immediately translated into a therapy – for checking if a particular treatment has worked. Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) is used both for a short -term (before and after a treatment) estimation and to fine-tune a long-term therapeutic strategy – when series of pictures are taken with some intervals (for example, once a month or a year) to monitor the progress. It will be of interest for any holistic therapist wishing to expand their diagnostic portfolio.

As this training contains specific Colourpuncture treatment options to correct visible phenomena, it also presents interest to existing Colourpuncture students with or without a Kirlian machine in practice as it significantly deepens colourpuncture knowledge in relation to diagnosis/therapy connections.

Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) or Kirlian Photography training course
Entry requirements: good basic knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
Recommended reading: ‘Sense and non-sense of sickness and pain’ by Peter Mandel
Recommended equipment: colourpuncture light set. Optional: soul-spirit colours set, grey colours set, crystal tattoos

The Kirlian camera captures energy emissions from your fingers and toes on the same picture. The analysis of these emissions allows to uncover any energetic imbalance in your body long before any physical symptoms appear which could be diagnosed clinically. Thanks to early diagnostic assessment and an adequate therapy, the disease can be stopped from advancing to a more serious stage, reversed or even prevented. The Kirlian picture helps a therapist find an exact root cause of the imbalance in the body and so choose the correct therapy, taking a guesswork out of a diagnostic assessment. Moreover, the professional analysis of the Kirlian picture will also help assess and then address both the physical symptoms and also the non-physical roots of a disease.

EEA photos are being used by Colourpuncture therapists as well as practitioners of other complementary natural healthcare therapies. By taking the pictures before the session, a therapist can make a diagnostic assessment and plan an initial therapy; a follow-up picture will show whether the chosen treatment was correct and has worked. The therapist then builds a therapy plan based on this information.

You can use Kirlian photography in several ways:

– as a diagnostic assessment tool to find the root cause of diseases
– as a guideline to choose an appropriate Colorpuncture light therapy
– to check the effectiveness of the therapy you have just used on your client
– to observe any physical, emotional and psychological changes in your client over a long period of time

The original findings of energy emission phenomena of living organisms of late 19th and early 20th centuries have been transformed by Peter Mandel – the founder of Esogetic Medicine – into an accurate and highly sensitive modern diagnostic assessment technique. In order to have your Kirlian picture taken, you are asked to place your fingers and toe tips on a photographic paper on a Kirlian machine. The resulting image will be an image of the electromagnetic field in each acupuncture meridian in your fingers and toes. The image is then analysed by the therapist.

The Esogetics Kirlian machine for Energy Emission Analysis is safe to use and has a CE certificate.

Kirlian photography training course program

Part 1
Introduction into Kirlian photography
The history of the Kirlian effect and development of modern EEA
The topographies of the EEA on body, emotional and spirit levels
The 3 basic qualities of the EEA
The basic understanding and rules of interpretation
The rhythms of the brain in EEA
The basic phenomena and special phenomena
The start-finish strategy development
Endocrine-toxic-degenerative qualities
The polarity and laterality disturbance
The aggressive signs in a Kirlian photo
Laterality disturbance and therapies
Practical analysis of a Kirlian photo
Your Kirlian picture is taken and analyzed

Part 2
Introduction in the Function Circles (by Dr Gleditsch)
Interpretation of Function Circles within a Kirlian photo
The coordination structures of the brain and their interpretation within the EEA
Psychological interpretation of Function Circles
Psychological meanings of the axes of separate fingers and toes
Reaction test therapy options
Emotional meaning of the axes of the fingers and toes
More options for therapy
Detailed examples and case studies
Your Kirlian picture is taken again and analysed

Your teacher:

Ms Praveeta Timmerman was trained in Esogetic Colourpuncture and Kirlian photography at the Osho International Academy of Healing Arts in Pune, India and at the Mandel Institute for Esogetic Medicine in Bruchsal, Germany.