The Auricular (Ear) Colourpuncture is a short training course consisting of 2 parts and 4 days in total. Learning Ear Colourpuncture is a great opportunity as a CPD for Colourpuncture, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Auricular Acupuncture therapists who wish to enhance their practice with exciting new therapies based on colour light, UV, IR and frequencies applications on familiar Ear Acupuncture points and new Ear Colourpuncture points.

Auricular Colourpuncture Part 1: Cause-Effect-Consequence and 5 elements will introduce you to the Colourpuncture light therapy, its diagnostic assessment and first therapeutic impulses towards a body-mind integration. We will address the ‘information barrier’ often manifested through common polarity and laterality challenges to create a perfect backdrop for further therapy.

Day 1: We will focus on implicit Cause-Effect-Consequence principle, the very foundation of Esogetic system. We will work with Auricular Colourpuncture reaction tests and introductory treatments for 3 Basic Patterns (Endocrine, Toxic and Degenerative).

Day 2: We will focus on a reflection of the Cause-Effect-Consequence in explicit Disease Principles (Function Circles based on 5 Chinese elements). We will also learn treatments for Addictions and Burn-Out syndrome. We will complete Part 1 with a Dream work (targeted dreaming) to support, process and integrate the Colourpuncture light therapy experience.

Auricular Colourpuncture Part 2: Shadows of Life will focus on the ‘Shadow Ear’, an excellent new Reflex Zone especially suited for treating degenerative conditions, chronic diseases and therapy resistance.

Day 1: We will focus on therapeutic impulses to address our individuality via numerology treatment on Ear/Shadow Ear Power Zone.

Day 2: We will ‘zoom in’ onto treatments for specific conditions such as Headaches, Blood pressure problems, Gastralgia and many more.

Auricular Colourpuncture short training course has a natural (recommended) progression: Part 1 followed by Part 2. However, Ear Colourpuncture course content is designed with the flexibility of the CPD in mind and you can take the Parts in any order or take just a particular Part. You will receive an overview of basic principles of Colourpuncture light therapy in the beginning of each part.

Auricular Colourpuncture short training course is primarily designed for therapists. However, it is also perfectly suitable and open for non-therapists who would like to get an introduction to Colourpuncture light therapy and favor the Ear Reflex Zone. Please note that some background in general Anatomy and Physiology is needed if you are new to the therapy.

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