Professional Colourpuncture training course in the UK starts October 2012

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Professional Colourpuncture training course Level 1 (Basic Colourpuncture) in the UK starting in October in Manchester is an opportunity for you to start learning professional Colourpuncture in 2012. Professional Colourpuncture training in London is postponed until spring-summer 2013. Level 2 is currently planned for 2014 for both Manchester and London Level 1 groups. Professional Colourpuncture training 2012 in Manchester is organised as ‘block time’ learning with aim of students’ focus and dedication as well as interests of long-distance travelers in mind.

esogetic training course in professional colorpuncture light therapy from international mandel institute in the UK
Professional Colourpuncture Training

Module 1 on the 5-7th of October will introduce you to a fascinating world of Colourpuncture light therapy with its basic principles, therapeutic media, diagnostic assessment options and multitude of treatments of Endocrine basic pattern. You will practice a combination of assessments in order to make conclusive diagnosis with Colourpuncture and choose and conduct a relevant treatment. You will be provided with therapy equipment – Perlux 117 light therapy set – to work on the week-end. You might prefer to order your own tools at this stage or later. Module 1 is a good time to clarify your goals for learning Colourpuncture, prepare questions about  your own healing journey and discuss with us any specific objectives and concerns. You will receive suggestions for your own personalized plan for the next 3 months.

Module 2 of Professional Colourpuncture will be held on 9-11th of November 2012. You will learn about importance of lymphatic system, how to deal with body ‘reaction’ and also learn the basic therapies for Degenerative pattern. Before the Module 2 you will have a chance to learn basics of Esogetic Dream therapy, on the 7th of November in the afternoon and Esogetic Crystal therapy ‘Polarity and Elements’ workshop on the 8th of November. Dream therapy is extremely easy to use but very powerful therapy on its own right and is also an essential part of processing and integration of Colourpuncture therapy. Dream therapy is also one of Colourpuncture therapy homework essentials which you will be giving to your future clients. Crystal therapy ‘Polarity and Elements’ workshop will give you a firm foundation in important principles of duality of human being and 4 elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Crystal therapy is an ‘information therapy’ of Esogetics. Crystal therapy is easy to use and presents both a therapy system in itself and an everyday component of many Colourpuncture-based therapies.

Module 3 will be held on the December 7-9th December. It will conclude your learning of Basic Professional Colourpuncture. You will learn Conflict Resolution therapies of a Degenerative pattern as well as ‘Function Circles’ – Colourpuncture therapies related to 5 elements of Chinese Acupuncture. You will receive a personalized treatment plan which will take you though 2013 and until you re-join us for Level 2 of Professional Colourpuncture training course in 2014.

After you finish your training on Basic Professional Colourpuncture you will have an opportunity to stay for our Continuous Professional Development (cpd) week (3.5 days), which are ‘in depth’ workshops in specific therapies which we feel might be beneficial for you on this stage of your Colourpuncture learning. You can attend all of them – ‘Colourpuncture Therapy of Addictions‘ on the 11th, ‘Burn-Out Syndrome therapy‘ on the 12th, ‘Karma-Hara‘ on the 13th and ‘Colourpuncture of Boundaries‘ on the 14th of December or choose a particular day/days which are of interest to you. Alternatively, you might prefer to re-join us for CPD workshops in later years.

We trust that you will find that ‘block time’ learning is a highly useful option as from experience of our previous students, you benefit both from your own focus and dedication and saving money and reducing carbon footprint with your travel.

You are warmly invited on a unique journey of personal discovery and professional excellence with Professional Colourpuncture light therapy. Take your first step to become a Professional Colourpuncture therapist today!


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  1. AySes

    RE; therapy equipment – Perlux 117 light therapy set

    how do i order my own? do you have online courses? I am living in TOronto, ONTARIO, Canada.

  2. Rodney Robinson

    Hello, I would be interested in the colourpuncture course. Could I speak to someone about it? When are the next dates and what are the fee’s? Thanks Rodney Robinson

  3. Irina

    Hello Rodney,

    Our Professional Colourpuncture training course starts on the 2nd of October 2015. This is a modular training and you can join us on any of the week-ends.

    Please visit for details on dates and fees. Please scroll down the page to Professional Colourpuncture training course, Modular for dates and fees and on the title for the course content.

    We will be happy to answer any other questions – please contact us on 0161 6101894.

    Kind regards, Irina

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