Colour light therapy made easy: your world in colours with colour glasses

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Enjoy your world in full colours with new Colour Light therapy glasses from Esogetics. Colour light therapy can not get any simpler! No training is needed for this simple self-help which can be your easy first step in discovering Colourpuncture. Pick your favorite colour, put your colour glasses on and enjoy a whole new life experience while getting numerous benefits of colour light therapy.


OptiCOLOR Vision 225x300 Colour light therapy made easy: your world in colours with colour glasses

See your world in active Red, joyful Orange, sunny Yellow, earthy Green, soul-deep Turquoise, calming Blue or meditative Violet!

Better still, experience a multi-coloured life by investing into a full set of colour light therapy glasses. There are at least 2 good reasons for this:

1. We all have a favourite and least favorite colour which are both equally meaningful as they point at decifiency or excess, strong or weak points in our being. We need, however, a full spectrum of colours for balance. When you wear your single-coloured glasses for a while your body-mind will get all the benefits of this colour and you would usually feel that you are ready for a different colours. Any Colourpuncture therapist who works with client over months or years will normally witness an amazing – albeit gradual – transition in the way they dress: often having come first time wearing all-black or muted coloured cloths, they start wearing some colours and then keep experimenting with colours as they go through their healing journey.

2. Another good reason to invest into a full set of colour glasses is simple: your family and friends would want to borrow your glasses and share your transformation. Share colour light and see your family and friends transformed by benefits of Colour Light therapy too!

Each colour has a traditionally associated meaning. In addition to that, Peter Mandel has established new indications and colour correspondences during several decades of his succesful pioneering practice of Colourpuncture light therapy. As Colourpuncture expands in the world and so does Peter Mandel’s empirical research on effects of colour light on peoples’ health and well-being the list of these new colour correspondences is getting more refined and complete.  With new colour light therapy glasses you can now easily experience positive effects of Colour Light therapy.

Enjoy your world in your colours regardless the weather with Colour Light therapy glasses!