the Academy: Short Workshops in Colourpuncture

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If I had to pick both most humble and unassuming but most earth-shuttering type of Colourpuncture I would name it ‘Colourpuncture at Home’.

Here you are with your lovely homely Perlux and knowledge of some simple treatments, giving some little Colourpuncture to yourself. On some regular basis. Two things are important: it has to be regular and it needs to be short. In other words perfect for Colourpuncture at Home.

Colourpuncture at Home

The reason for ‘regular’ is based on how we integrate every experience – if something is regular and the same then new connections/habits/physiological states are formed. The reason for the ‘short’ is practical – you have to be realistic about the time but also, the more targeted the treatment the better your body/mind will be equipped to respond.

The same goes to when you share Colourpuncture with your family and friends but the story always starts with you. Only by fully experiencing the power of Colourpuncure yourself and processing and integrating the whole thing you can share it properly with others. And hold the space for them to experience, process and integrate. And then watch them to move on in their life in a good direction.

How you can get there?

This could be a home work from your Colouruncture therapist. And here you are diligently doing your homework ­čÖé This will be specifically for you, fully tailor made to what you need in this moment of time.

You can also come to some workshops for ‘beginners’ and learn simple Colourpuncture treatments in a group setting; giving and receiving Colourpuncture, experiencing yourself and observing how other people react. To that end, we offer short workshops every one focusing on a ‘popular’ ailment:

  • ‘Cold, flu,┬ásinusitis, ear and throat pain’
  • ‘Sleep and dreams’
  • ‘Acute and chronic back and joints pain’
  • ‘Skin problems’
  • ‘Learning and concentration difficulties’
  • ‘Stomach and digestion problems’
  • ‘Allergies’
  • ‘Depression, mood swings and fatigue’
  • ‘Eyes problems’
  • ‘My heart’

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the above we are about to schedule these short Colourpuncture workshops for this year. We will hold them in Manchester but London is also perfectly possible if there is a demand. Please share your thoughts and interest – we are looking forward to hearing from you ­čÖé