Professional Colourpuncture training course Level 1 in UK October-December 2012

Professional Colourpuncture training course Level 1 according to Peter Mandel will start on the 5th-7th of October in Manchester, UK. Professional Colourpuncture training in London is postponed to spring-summer 2013.

Perlux P-117 Set for Colorpuncture Colour Light TherapyProfessional Colourpuncture course in Manchester 2012 is organised as ‘block time’ learning, providing – optional – opportunities for long-distance travelers to learn Colourpuncture Level 1, Dream therapy, Crystal therapy ‘Polarity and Elements’ as well as Advanced Colourpuncture workshops ‘Colourpuncture of Addictions’, ‘Burn-Out syndrome therapy’, ‘Karma-Hara therapy’ and ‘Colourpuncture of Boundaries’ in just 3 ‘time blocks’ in October, November and December 2012.

We trust you will find ‘block time’ learning useful and looking forward to you beginning your journey in Professional Colourpuncture soon!

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