Crystal Meditation Band, a new product from Peter Mandel

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Peter Mandel has long discovered that skin application of representations of some ancient symbols trigger deep and intense reactions. He eventually succeeded in transferring four important symbols from the human history into a crystal structure, which then created amazingly beneficial reactions in people.

Crystal meditation band from Peter Mandel
Crystal Meditation Band from Peter Mandel

An effective form of application emerged after years of search and it now became possible to use these symbolic images to simultaneously give a person the “feeling of centeredness” towards the inside and of “opening” towards the above. Peter Mandel has combined these four important ancient symbols with the eight traditional trigrams of the Chinese I Ching developing an extremely effective CMB© Meditation Band.

Meditate with Crystal Meditation band from Peter Mandel
Crystal Meditation

The Crystal Meditation Band ‘transports’ the person without any activity on their part into a state of meditation accompanied by a gentle ‘quietening’ of perception which allows a person ‘to find’ himself. It is understood that the Crystal Meditation Band helps to both reveal and resolve subconscious physical and psychological blockages.

We are wishing you a crystal clear meditation insights with this amazing new product from Peter Mandel!

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