Professional Colourpuncture Training Course Module 1 starts in October 2011 in the UK

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Professional Colourpuncture Course Module 1 will open a training cycle of Colourpuncture training 2011-2012 in the UK which will consist of 6 Modules (18 days in total).

In Module 1 you will be learning how you can use light and colours for natural health and well-being and will start building a sound foundation for your future career as a Colourpuncture therapist.

esogetic training course in professional colorpuncture light therapy from international mandel institute in the UK
Professional Training in Esogetic Colourpuncture

Here’s an overview of what we are going to learn in Module 1:

1.1 Introduction and principles of Esogetic Medicine

You will learn:

  • Information-Energy-Matter principle and body-soul-spirit trinity
  • extensive field of different methods of diagnosis in natural health
  • examples of case studies
  • cause-effect-consequence in health and disease

You will start mastering diagnosis based on:

  • physical symptoms, their meaning and symbolic meaning
  • physiognomy – the art of analysis of facial features for diagnosis of physical illnesses
  • Kirlian photo diagnosis (Energy Emission Analysis) overview and a quick fingertips analysis which results from Kirlian pictures topography
  • organ diagnosis through the foot which is different from reflexology
  • basics of Iridology and Sclerology
  • basics of tongue analysis
  • Fire-Earth-Air-Water-Ether principle in health and disease
  • you will also discover a little-known but very powerful mapping of internal organs on the back which is used both for diagnosis and treatment

You will then learn Therapeutic Media of Esogetic Medicine:

  • Colourpuncture with spectral colours
  • Colourpuncture with soul-spirit colours and
  • Colourpuncture with grey colours
  • Ultraviolet- and Infrared Puncture which work on their own for pain and also in synergy with different Colourpuncture treatments
  • Induction therapy for balancing brain waves
  • Dream therapy with Esogetic oil
  • Sound therapy – sound colors and introduction to conflict resolution
  • Piezo-electric impulse therapy as a substitute of Acupuncture needles and to enhance the light and colour even further
  • Crystalpuncture with miniature crystal tattoos from Swarovski

You will discover how we utilize some of the biggest insights of the last century such as:

  • The abdominal brain
  • The neuroglia
  • Childhood conditioning creating changes in the cranial brain

1.2 You will then learn how to diagnose a disbalance in the Endocrine (hormonal) system

  • why stress has evolved from a survival factor to a health problem
  • what can we do to address that
  • how our brain rhythms evolve as we grow up
  • how to use Esogetic Induction therapy for balancing the brain rhythms

You will also learn and practice a vast range of Colourpuncture treatments for the Endocrine (hormonal) system:

  • Basic endocrine combination treatment
  • Coordination treatments regulating hypothalamus-pituitary axis both for waking and sleeping rhythms
  • Easy and powerful template-based treatment for endocrine insufficiency in the OGT (Ophtalmic Genetic Therapy) area
  • Interference treatments for Hypothalamus, Limbic System and Pituitary
  • Center of power and soul rhythms treatments in the reflex zone for ear and “shadow” ear
  • Grey zone treatments for coordination organs of the brain – for chronic endocrine imbalances and dissolving mental blockages – such as gray “ice-breaker”, helpful in repetitive nonconstructive behavior
  • Reflex zones of ellipses of existence, perception and subconscious
  • Introduction to reflex zones of sunlines in Yin and Yang
  • Quick and powerful Four Point Therapy – triangles to gain tranquility, build emotional strength, balance hormones and feelings; intellect, emotions and senses
  • Coordination therapy – points for the seven coordination organs of the brain – to be used symptomatically or in combination

You will analyze

  • A detailed example of an Endocrine case

You will experience

  • Symptomatic back segments treatment
  • Endocrine basic combination and a coordination therapy relevant to your current situation
  • Endocrine gray fields and triangles in soul-spirit colours
The Module 1 will give you an extensive knowledge and practice of how you can use a natural health therapy of light and colours with confidence, for treating yourself, your family and friends, or in your clinical practice. The Endocrine (hormonal)  therapies of Colorpuncture are an invaluable tool for many cases of the so-called “functional dis-orders” of the body which are famous for giving the sufferers a multitude of seemingly unrelated troublesome symptoms which are not yet detectable on routine lab tests.
The real beauty of Endocrine (hormonal) therapies of Colourpuncture is that they are simple and effective everyday treatments which can help significantly improve quality of life within a relatively short period of time while preventing heavier diseases on a later stage.
Join us now  and start building the foundation of your future career in Colour Light Therapy Colorpuncture!

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  1. Hamida Gabru

    Hi! Am from South Africa & wud love to become a colorpuncture therapist. Having just read Jack Allanach, Colour Me Healing. I am very excited to learn more about colorpuncture. I am a massage & Cupping therapist among other therapies. Wud like to know about courses for 2012 in England & if there is a course by correspondence. In the mean time wud like to know where may I purcase a copy of Colorpuncture Manual.
    Eagerly awaiting you reply

  2. Irina

    Dear Hamida Gabru,
    The next training in Professional Esogetic Colourpuncture in the UK starts in January 2012. The first part, Level 1, will be held as an intensive course and you will be able to receive all your Level 1 training part in January. The second part of the training, Level 2, will follow as 3 long week-ends during spring 2012. You can find schedule here:
    As for the reading on Colourpuncture, you can find suggestions here:
    Please note, that no official representative of the International Mandel Institute offers correspondence trainings in Colourpuncture.
    Best wishes,
    Colourpuncture Institute UK

  3. Irina

    Dear Hamida,
    There will be an extra Professional Colourpuncture training course organised with the interests of international students in mind in the UK in 2013. We believe this might be of interest to you and so you will receive the details by e-mail shortly.
    All the best,

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