UK Professional Colourpuncture Training Course Module 1: 14-16th of October 2011

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course 2011-2012 in the UK  will start on the 14th of October.

Perlux 117 for Colour puncture light therapy acupuncture point treatment

This Professional Training from the International Mandel Institute will give you everything you need to become a Colourpuncture therapist, a qualification which is recognized internationally. After completion of this training you can set up your own Colourpuncture clinic.

This training is also ideal if you would like to help yourself as well as your friends and family going beyond the Basic Colorpuncture Training and learning therapist-level material which will give you a sound understanding of Esogetic Colour puncture Light therapy with its extensive diagnostic and therapeutic portfolio. A potential business opportunity with Colour puncture therapy of colour and light will always be open to you.

This training consists of 6 long weekends (18 days in total) finishing in April 2012.

The Module 1 will introduce you to the fascinating world of light and colour therapy; you will learn and practice numerous diagnostic possibilities of Colorpuncture, therapeutic media options of the Esogetic Medicine and focus on therapies for addressing endocrine (hormonal) dis-balance in the body. You will also give and receive endocrine (hormonal) balancing treatments on each training day.

Please note this is the last opportunity to receive 25% discount for sharing the power of Colour puncture Light therapy with your friends or colleagues.

Join the fast-growing Colourpuncture community and tap into the power of light and colour!

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