the Academy: Professional Colourpuncture 2016-2017

Registration is open for modular Professional Colourpuncture training 2016-2017. Please register 100+ days in advance (by the end of June 2016)  for an ‘early bird’ discount. Part 1: 7-8/10/16, Introduction to Colourpuncture Part 2: 4-5/11/16, Endocrine Basic Pattern Part 3: 2-3/12/16, Toxic … Continued

Symbol seminar with Peter Mandel 2011

A ‘Symbol Seminar’ and Update seminars from the International Mandel Institute welcomed a multi-national community of students, therapists, patients and teachers of Esogetic Medicine in Lucerne in November 2011. International Symbol seminar with Peter Mandel Esogetic therapies have been significantly … Continued

UK Professional Colourpuncture Training Course Module 1: 14-16th of October 2011

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course 2011-2012 in the UK  will start on the 14th of October. This Professional Training from the International Mandel Institute will give you everything you need to become a Colourpuncture therapist, a qualification which is recognized internationally. … Continued

Training course in advanced Colourpuncture: “The territory triangles of the body”

Advanced Colourpuncture trainings from the International Mandel Institute will start in June 2011 with a short course “The territory triangles of the body”. The training will be held on the 26th of June 2011 from 9am till 1 pm in the South … Continued