Colour Reflexology training course May-June 2012

Training course in Esogetic Colour Reflexology according to Peter Mandel will take place on the 12-13th of May (Part 1) and 23-24th of June 2012 (Part 2) in South Manchester. Esogetic Colour Reflexology training can build a good foundation for a newcomer to Colourpuncture, help to expand a therapeutic portfolio for a Reflexology therapist and serve as a CPD for Professional Colourpuncture graduate.

Esogetic Color Reflexology training course according to Peter Mandel
Colour Reflexology Training Course

An up-to-date training course in Colour Reflexology includes Colourpuncture in spectral, soul-spirit and grey colours; uses new foundation in elements and provides wealth of treatments and therapies as well as new assessment techniques.

Join us for Colour Reflexology training course, an easy, beneficial and enjoyable way to learn Colourpuncture!

4 Responses

  1. Anna

    lease can you inform me about your next course of Colour Reflexology, possibly in London? I am writing from Italy and it is not possible for me to organize for next week.
    Thank you Anna M Pisano

  2. Violetta

    We do not plan Color Reflexology in London till next year. On the other hand if there is a lot of interest we might organize this course early. What I would recommend is to contact Irina directly (see our contact page, you could even arrange Scype session) and let her know where and how and when is it possible for you to come to the course and she’ll tell you what’s available.

  3. Moira Aberdeen

    Hi Irina – can you tell if there are any colourpuncture short courses available in the uk
    Between 25 July and 3 Sept 2012 – i will be in uk at that time – i live in nz and angelika klotz
    Has suggested i contact you – warmest greetings Moira Aberdeen

  4. Irina

    Dear Moira,
    There will be an Intensive Professional Colourpuncture training course organised in the UK in 2013 with interests of long-distance students in mind. You will receive the information shortly by e-mail.
    Kind regards,

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