Colourpuncture light therapy: new short workshops for DIY well-being

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Colourpuncture light therapy new short workshops with elements of Crystal therapy for DIY well-being from the International Mandel Institute will soon be available in the UK.

Each workshop will last 3.5-4 hours and will be open for everybody. The following topics will be offered:

  • ‘Managing cold, flu,¬†sinusitis, ear and throat pain’
  • ‘Sleep and dream therapy’
  • ‘Managing acute and chronic back and joints pain’
  • ‘Beauty of skin with light and colour’
  • ‘Overcoming learning and concentration difficulties’
  • ‘Overcoming stomach and digestion problems’
  • ‘Treatments of allergies’
  • ‘Managing mood swings and fatigue’
  • ‘Treatments for eyes problems’
  • ‘My heart’

These workshops will be available in different parts of the UK. Please contact us on for details and planned locations.

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