Colourpuncture for everyone: Non-professional training course

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Please note that former Non-Professional Colourpuncture training course is now fully updated and presented as a series of 10 Short (4 hours) hands-on Workshops: ‘Allergies’, ‘Back and Joints pain’, ‘Cold, Fly, Sinusitis, Ear and Throat pain’, ‘Eyes problems’ , ‘Heart and Blood Pressure problems’, ‘Learning and Concentration’, ‘Depression, Mood Swings and Fatigue’, ‘Skin Problems’, ‘Sleep and Dream’, ‘Stomach and Digestion problems’ and a separate day workshop ‘Children in Light’. Please see our Calendar for dates, locations and prices.

Learn Esogetic Colourpuncture and experience numerous benefits of natural health and well-being, authenticity and happiness that light and colour can give you! Our nonprofessional Colourpuncture training course will take place from the 28th of June till the 2nd of July 2012 in Cheshire. You will learn and experience a wealth of treatments to help yourself, your family and friends with confidence and ease.
Colourpuncture for everyone

No previous experience is required as this is a hands-on, experiential training course and all explanations on locating of Acupuncture points and Reflexology zones as well as Colorpuncture light therapy treatment techniques will be given. Nonprofessional Colourpuncture training course is ideal if you are a beginner in Colorpuncture as it gives you an opportunity to experience a nurturing and tranformational effect of Colourpuncture light therapy in a safe and loving space as well as acquire new skills under expect guidance.

Join us to learn how you can improve and maintain your health and well-being as well as quality of your life naturally; learn techniques for daily relaxation; gain clarity and balance, harmony and inner peace.

Expand your knowledge on how you can read your body’s signals in time, benefit from challenges, learn to use your emotions in a constructive way and meet like-minded people.

Combine learning Colourpuncture light therapy with visiting Cheshire in a summer time and enjoy local walks to integrate your experience of this beautiful body therapy.

Act now: join us today and save 10% from our normal rate. Share this opportunity with a friend and save even more.

Make simple yet deep and lasting change for the better. We are looking forward to welcoming you to a magical world of Colourpuncture light therapy!

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