the Academy: Professional Colourpuncture 2016-2017

Registration is open for modular Professional Colourpuncture training 2016-2017. Please register 100+ days in advance (by the end of June 2016)  for an ‘early bird’ discount. Part 1: 7-8/10/16, Introduction to Colourpuncture Part 2: 4-5/11/16, Endocrine Basic Pattern Part 3: 2-3/12/16, Toxic … Continued

Colourpuncture 2015

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Dear Colourpuncture Learners, Hope you have had a great year and managed to harness all these strong energies of transformation that 2014 had in store for the Planet. Our mid-winter reflections on the 2014: the new Professional Colourpuncture training course. Our … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

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Make a fresh start in January 2014 – join us on Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course (Part 1)! This 12 days traditional – ‘live’ – training, starting on the 2/01/14 of January will take place in Stockport, UK. The Part 2 … Continued

Colourpuncture for everyone – Basic training in Colorpuncture

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You can now start learning Esogetic Colourpuncture without any previous therapeutic knowledge  by joining us for a new to the UK Basic Colorpuncture training starting on September the 10, 2011. No knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is required so all … Continued

Is learning a new therapy of light and colours – Colourpuncture – for you?

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Will Colourpuncture light therapy training be a good choice for you? It is our goal as much as yours to understand if starting a course in light and colours therapy is good idea for you. From your perspective, you surely … Continued

Colourpuncture Level 1 Intensive training course September 2010

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Colourpuncture institute UK has scheduled Colourpuncture Level 1 intensive training for people who would like to join us for Level 2 in October 2010 and finish their full education in Professional Colourpuncture within 2010. The training will take place from the … Continued