Is learning a new therapy of light and colours – Colourpuncture – for you?

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Will Colourpuncture light therapy training be a good choice for you? It is our goal as much as yours to understand if starting a course in light and colours therapy is good idea for you. From your perspective, you surely would like to know as much as possible about Colourpuncture light therapy and, even more importantly so, if that will be a good idea for you personally. At our end, we would like all our students to enjoy their studying, get the maximum benefits both from learning and experiencing Colourpuncture and ultimately to become confident givers of light and colours therapy – whether to themselves and their loved ones or professionally as therapists.

But how can you find out if learning¬† Colourpuncture will be a good choice for you before you join the course? Here we compiled a little questionnaire based on our personal experience of colour light therapy, as well as our clinical and teaching practice. Why don’t you take this little test and move one step closer in understanding if studying Colorpuncture light therapy is a very good next step for you.

  • Are you passionate about natural health and holistic healing?
  • Are you intrigued by light and colour?
  • Have you tried many therapies before but nothing seemed to help to resolve your problems?
  • Are you still determined to feel better physically?
  • Do you still want to find real answers to your emotional and psychological problems as well?
  • Do you have a family member with physical, emotional or psychological issue?
  • Do you want to really help your friends to move on in life instead of just be a “shoulder to cry on”?


  • Have you never learnt any therapy before?
  • Thinking of learning a holistic therapy but don’t know which one is the best for you?
  • Want to learn a therapy which would give consistently good results?

A therapy which would …

  • Be new, exciting, powerful and yet easy to learn and give?
  • will help to find, highlight and address the very root cause of a problem answering your individual “Why?”?
  • And bring you a change for life?

may be you are even ….

  • considering opening up your own therapy practice but don’t know where to start and find help?

If you just have answered “yes” to at least a couple of our questions then it’s a very good sign that learning Colourpuncture could be one of the best decisions you make in your life.¬† Why?

Colour-puncture light therapy beautifully combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, time-honored healing both with light and the colours and modern research. Based on and utilising as neccessary  many other holistic therapies it is much more focused on your individuality. Gentle, non-invasive yet targeted and powerful, Colourpuncture addresses the very roots of physical diseases, psycho-emotional problems, nonconstructive behavior and problems in finding your true life path. For the same reason, it confidently resolves therapy resistance as by its very nature Esogetic Medicine aims to answers your WHY? questions.

Colourpuncture light therapy is easy to learn, easy to self-apply daily and easy to share with friends and family. Gaining a multitude of personal insights and benefits while learning, you will finish our course ready to open up your first natural health clinic or, if you are a therapist already, to start easily enhancing your existing clinical practice after just a few days of studying.

If you feel that you are ready to discover the magical world of light and colours and start making a difference in your own life as well as in lives of other people then you are welcome to visit our Workshops and Training Courses section and we hope to see you this autumn!

If you feel you like what you read but would still like to know more before joining us for the training then please keep visiting us on What is Colourpuncture? and build up your pre-study knowledge on Colourpuncture light therapy and we hope to see you too in the future!

Welcome to the magical world of light and colours!

7 Responses

  1. ajaychouhan

    Dear Sir,
    I am very forunate to have come across your site,having read about the respected Dr.Peter Mandel in rajneesh times(now Osho Times)a long time ago,i was very interested in learning this threapy,in fact i am still very interested.few days ago i also wrote to the institute in germany to find out about the books written by Dr. Peter Mandel but having received an reply from the institute i found out that i do not have the kind of money to afford the books,but i have a keen interest in learning the subject,i would like to inform you that i am born under virgo sun sign and ruled by planet mercury and i am naturally inclined towards esoteric mysticsm.
    Please inform me which way i can learn this art.
    look forward to hearing from you.
    ajay chouhan

  2. Violetta

    Dear Ajaychouhan,

    Sometimes you could find used books at Amazon websites. Esogetics website has some downloadable materials but all in German. I’ll ask the teacher for colorpuncture courses to make a list of literature by other authors.

    As for getting colorpuncture training, like with any practical discipline theory is not enough. Official site for Esogetic medicine have a list of official representatives and courses organizers: . There is even one in India. Find out there the courses which suit you better by location/dates/price. And if you are not planning to become a practitioner you don’t have to take all the parts of the courses, only the beginning with basic treatments.

  3. david

    hi i will be in the south around london brighto and somerset, i first recieved colorpuncture in about 91 in japan from someone who had learnt it in puna, i would realy like to talk to some one about this experience as it was very profound, when i get back to the uk, i would also like to do a course in it myself im there for 2 months july and august can you suggest anything, or anybody

  4. Irina

    Dear David,
    Thank you very much for your interest in Colourpuncture. If you provide me with your Skype address through our e-mail, I will be happy to talk to you and discuss your requirements and options for July-August.
    Kind regards,
    Colourpuncture teacher for the UK

  5. Violetta

    Irina, don’t forget 11 hours time shift with New Zealand.

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