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Dear Colourpuncture Learners,

Hope you have had a great year and managed to harness all these strong energies of transformation that 2014 had in store for the Planet.

Our mid-winter reflections on the 2014: the new Professional Colourpuncture training course. Our plans for the 2015: starting a modular training in Professional Colourpuncture and a new CPD training for therapists: Auricular Colourpuncture short course which includes ‘The Shadows of Life’.

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Colourpuncture 2015:

News from Germany: the Esogetics team presented a new product: The Earth Disc or Disc of Life. The new crystal disc is assigned to the Body and complements Soul and Spirit‘s The Disc of the Heart or Love Disc and Dream Discs.

Colourpuncture seminar with Peter Mandel “The pineal gland in focus of disease and pain” (7-8/02/15) will have an English translation. Please e-mail us for details if you are interested.

Colourpuncture short workshops: ‘Allergies’, ‘Back and Joints pain’, ‘Cold, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear & Throat pain’, ‘Eyes problems’, ‘Heart and Blood pressure problems’, ‘Learning and Concentration problems’, ‘Mood Swings & Fatigue’, ‘Skin problems’, ‘Sleep and Dreams’, ‘Stomach & Digestion problems’. ‘Learning and Concentration problems and ‘Sleep and Dreams’ can be now also taken online.

The new Professional Colourpuncture training received a very positive response from our students. It contains important recent therapies, has a richer experiential part with more media and so provides a conducive atmosphere for your personal healing journey during your training.

A new cycle of modular training is scheduled from September 2015. However, you can now join the Professional training at any module. Please get in touch if you are interested in Intensive training as it is being now scheduled. Please register in time to benefit from our ‘early bird’ discount.

We will follow up with the dates for CPD for therapists and Colourpuncture CPD in the New Year.

Time4Change Ltd on-line:

How was 2014 for you? What are you aiming to learn and experience in 2015?

Wishing you happy winter reflections, festive celebrations and a healthy and prosperous 2015!

Greetings from Cheshire,

Your team at Time4Change Ltd.

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