Learning Colourpuncture: choosing your course

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Learning Colourpuncture Light Therapy: how to choose which particular course/workshop is right for you?

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course  in Colourpuncture light therapy  will give you everything you need to become a ‘Colourpuncture Therapist according to Peter Mandel‘ which is an internationally recognized qualification at a Certificate and Diploma (after a Colourpuncture exam) levels.

Colourpuncture Short Workshops are 3.5-4 hrs ‘hands-on’ and experiential events focused on learning, practicing and receiving treatments for a particular ailment/problem: ‘Allergies’, ‘Back and Joints Pain, Acute and Chronic’, ‘Cold, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear and Throat pain’, ‘Eyes Problems’, ‘Heart and Blood Pressure problems’, ‘Learning and Concentration problems’‘Mood Swings, Fatigue and Depression’, ‘Skin problems’,  ‘Sleep and dreams’, ‘Stomach and Digestion problems’.

Auricular Colourpuncture, Colour Reflexology  and Colour Beauty are Short Training Courses  designed as CPD for Therapists.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Colourpuncture (Advanced Colourpuncture) focuses on in-depth learning of a particular problem: Colourpuncture therapy of AddictionsThe therapy of Burn-Out , Colourpuncture Connective Tissue Massage (for systemic diseases) or a supplementary therapy: Karma and Hara, the original Grey Patterns of ColourpunctureInduction Regulation therapySymbol Dream workshopOGT (Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy) while some Colourpuncture CPDs have an additional value of taking you on your personal journey of self-discoveryTransmitter Relays, Colourpuncture and Astrology, Colourpuncture and Numerology.

Would you like to learn a particular Colourpuncture topic which is not on our list? Tailor-made group or individual supervision are available on request on all Colourpuncture topics.

Kirlian Photography (EEA, Energy Emission Analysis) course is a full Professional training which will give you everything you need to become a specialist in Kirlian Photography according to Peter Mandel. It is a standalone course focusing on Diagnostic Assessment and the main Professional Colourpuncture training course is not a prerequisite for participation.

Join us now for the training of your choice!


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