New! The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)

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Just in time for Christmas shopping with a difference we have a new product from the Esogetics – The Earth Disc or Disc of Life. After the Dream Disc (Disc of Light) and the Heart Disc (Disc of Love) Peter Mandel has now developed the Earth Disc (Disc of Life).


The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)

The concept of this disc is based on sacred geometry and its associated “Flower of Life”. If we want to tune into the vibrations of higher worlds, we need media that enable us to do so. The vibration, as it pertains to the cell, is the prerequisite for life. Once that vibration stops the flow of information between the cells is distorted or nullified.

Thus the Disc of Life is the optimal medium to reactivate the communication of the body cells.

The Earth Disc does not have a specific indication. As it is assigned to the body and thus to the cellular consciousness, it relates to blockages of all cellular structures.

The application of this disc is particularly geared to the Segmental Reflex Zones of the body and is able to resolve blockages gently.

Your investment is 99.00 EURO

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