Auricular (Ear) Colourpuncture

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Auricular Colourpuncture or Ear Colourpuncture is a part of Colourpuncture light therapy which uses classic Auricular Acupuncture (AA) points as well as new Ear Reflex Zones originally described by Peter Mandel. Auricular Colourpuncture started off as a Colourpuncture light therapy used as a follow up after an Auricular Acupuncture point treatment . Ear Acupuncture followed by  Ear Colourpuncture  were both used as a part of a full body treatment. With time and much empirical research validated by rigorous practice in Peter Mandel’s clinic a totally new Reflex Zone in the Ear area started to emerge forming a what is now called ‘Shadow Ear’ Reflex Zone.

‘Shadow Ear’ Reflex Zone was originally primarily aimed at treating stubborn chronic conditions, degenerative diseases and therapy resistance cases. ‘Real Ear’ and the ‘Shadow Ear’ area form an important ‘Power Zone’ of the body. This ‘Power Zone’ often works as a ‘key’ to open our body-mind which might be in much need of a treatment but somewhat ‘locked’ and so therapy-resistant.

Therapy resistance cases present a challenge for any therapist. Often, therapy resistance might have roots in various events such as physical or emotional trauma, severe childhood conditioning and the like. Certain family dynamics or a difficult past of the family of origin might contribute to therapy resistance for some people. Sometimes certain body constitutions are naturally more therapy-resistant then the others. Sometimes therapy resistance might even be a by-product of often unconscious holding on to ‘secondary gains’. Regardless of the cause, therapy resistance might mean years of conventional therapy for a sufferer and much professional frustration for a therapist.

The therapeutic effects of treatments of Ear/Shadow Ear either as a separate reflex zone or as an add-on within a body treatment tend to be well above the average, often working magic on otherwise therapy resistant cases.

The Ear/Shadow Ear Power Zone is also self-contained and self-sufficient Reflex Zone of the human body, especially suited for treatments with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colourpuncture, Induction therapy with brain waves (based on Bio-Feedback) and, most recently, Crystalpuncture.

A new Auricular Colourpuncture short training course is now available in English. Ear Colourpuncture training consists of 2 parts and 4 days in total. Ear Colourpuncture short training course is also designed in a way that each part  can be taken separately providing a great opportunity as a CPD for Colourpuncture, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Auricular Acupuncture therapists. Auricular Colourpuncture short training course is also open for non-therapists who would like to get an introduction to Colourpuncture light therapy and favor Ear Reflex Zone. Please note that some background in general Anatomy and Physiology is needed for non-therapists.

The Auricular Colourpuncture short training course syllabus will be available shortly. The first training in Ear Colourpuncture is planned on early spring 2015 in London. If you are interested in joining this training or have questions please get in touch with us by leaving a comment on this page or emailing us on

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