Colourpuncture and Numerology

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Discover Your Name in Colours and Numbers – join us for ‘Colourpuncture and Numerology’ CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for therapists on the 10th of May 2015.

Your Name in Colour and Numbers
Your Name in Colour and Numbers

The Music of Numbers and Colours 

  • Colourpuncture Numerology started – just as any Numerology work – with the Pythagoras’s: “The number is the essence of all things”
  • All Esogetic systems including extensive Esogetic Numerology system of therapy have a deep respect for the individuality of a human being

The starting point of Peter Mandel’s research on therapeutic applications of Numerology in Colourpuncture and Esogetic System was that there can be nothing that is not also practically relevant. You can imagine the numbers being like notes and then the combinations of your numbers – your name number, your date of birth number, your life path number and more – makes a melody which is unique to you and lasts for a lifetime. Any vibration in human life shows a resonance and so it is a premise that we can use regulatory numbers for the ultimately individual treatment.

1-9 and 1-8 Numerology systems in Colourpuncture

Esogetic Numerology system uses both a modern number keys Numerology system 1 to 9, which has the special priority in explicit’ and the older number keys Numerology system 1 to 8 which refers mainly to the ‘implicit’ structures of the human being. Implicit and explicit areas of life are interdependent.

Take Your Number Shower every morning….

….or every night. In Colourpuncture and Numerology seminar you will learn how to bring the best of your Life Path, Day of Birth, Self-expression (Personality), Soul impulse, and First Name Numbers. For example, a numerological conversion of your first name on spine/skull spine projection and prenatal line may be used as a daily ‘individual information hygiene‘.

The Name of Your Pain…

You will also learn a time tested therapeutic system of a conversion of a disease name – either as its official name (for example, headache) or its perception (for example, pressure) and treating these numbers on Esogetic Pain Clock Reflex Zone.  Traditional Numerology will be ‘translated’ into Colourpuncture treatments in the Pain Clock and the Tree of Life Reflex Zones to help you unravel the highest number expression as well as equip you with practical tools for supporting your body on Your Life Journey.

Experience Your Numbers

Your Life Path number, your Self-Expression or Personality Numbers, Soul Calling number and more – perhaps you are already familiar with traditional Numerology explanations. Now with Peter Mandel’s system of connecting the numbers and colours which is unique for Esogetics, you can fully tap into inherent potential of Numbers you are leaning about in this lifetime. You will discover a lot about yourself as you will not only learn more about Numerology but experience your numbers during a body treatment. For example, having discovered a fascinating correlation of letters of your name with certain vertebrae you will connect with your true personality, and touch upon the character from there. And then you can take this experience and share this fascinating journey with your family, friends and clients.

Enrol today on ‘Colourpuncture and Numerology’ seminar and start an exciting journey of discovery your Numbers in Colours!

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