Learn Esogetic Colourpuncture in 2011 in the UK

Learn new Esogetic therapies in 2011 and let more light and colour into your life!

You will have a chance to study our both well-known and popular therapies such as professional Colourpuncture and new techniques such as Esogetic Crystal therapy, Colour Reflexology and others. Also, for the first time in the UK you will have a chance to learn a fascinating diagnostic technique from Peter Mandel – Energy Emission Analysis also known as Kirlian photography.

Professional Colourpuncture in the UK

Also, existing therapists of Colour and Light therapies will have a chance to update their knowledge and skills, by learning plenty of new techniques and Iridologists will have an opportunity to easily convert their diagnostic background into an immediate effective treatment with a comprehensive range of new Ophthalmic Genetic Therapies (OGTs) from Peter Mandel.

Also in 2011 you will have an opportunity to choose between different time frames for your training. We are offering a possibility to learn at fast speed at our Colourpuncture Level 1 intensive training in January 2011 and there will also be a traditional option to learn the Level 1 over 3 months at 1 long week-end a month speed. The first option will suit you more if you have some previous background, prefer to learn in a fast changing environment and have to travel to the UK. The second option will suit you more if you have no previous background in Colour light therapy, prefer to study at a slower pace and have plenty of time to practice and self-treat in between the Modules. Also, this option will suit you better if the main goal of your training is your own healing with light and colours.

Please visit Colourpuncture Institute website for the training calendar, choose your learning style and start your colour light journey!

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  1. david

    Hi i live in nz and am trying to learn colorpuncture i am coming to the uk in july august is there anywhere i can learn about this ij this time frame, or at least have a session
    thanks dave

  2. Violetta

    We do not have anything scheduled for this time. You have to contact our teacher directly and ask if any other possibilities exist. I strongly advise to do this because it would be helpful for you to decide what kind of level you are going to study at. Even if it won’t be possible to do it this summer. Because let’s say if you take module 1 from one teacher certified by Esogetics, you could take Module 2 with another certified teacher.

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