Colorpuncture light therapy intensive course 2010 in the UK

Colourpuncture Institute UK hosted the very first Colorpuncture Intensive training covering all the Level 1 (Modules 1,2 and 3) in September 2010. Reflecting on this training event we asked our students to share their views and experience on learning extensive course material in a short time frame. We hope their feedback will help our future students to make a more informed choice on which course will suit them better – intensive or our usual 1 long-weekend/month training over 3 months.

All our students have had some previous background in Colour Light therapies, from 8 to 20+ days of previous studying. Their aims for this course was to update their knowledge, study theoretical background of the therapy, learn a new system of Colorpuncture therapies within Esogetic Medicine and get a general overview of their previous knowledge, skills and experience. Also, learning the newest Esogetic therapeutical systems such as gray colors fields, OGTs, etc as well as new diagnostic approaches including Iridology, physiognomy etc, and differential diagnostics were their important objectives. Here we are sharing the first responses.

Iridology and OGT therapy in Colourpuncture

The most common opinion was: “It was extremely intensive!”.

How did the course meet their expectations/needs?
The general response was: “Exceeded!”

Some of the comments on personal experiences of the new therapies from our students included:
“The treatments have enhanced self-acceptance, helped me to slow down. I have greater honesty with myself and clarity in my life”.

The opinions about the speed of the course were different: some students said: “The speed was EXCELLENT!”; some felt they would have preferred to have the slower version of the training, had they known just how intense it was going to be.

Colourpuncture Intensive course Level 1

And what all our students agreed on in terms of the future was that they would like to learn some advanced Colourpuncture material such as Burnout syndrome therapy and Transmitter Relays earlier then 2012.

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  1. Irina

    An Intensive frame of the training is very different from our usual once-a-month long weekend course. There is no right or wrong in which one to choose: it really depends on your personal preferences, learning style and previous background. Some people prefer to work in a very focused and busy environment and for them the Intensive frame will suit just fine. Also any previous background in Colorpuncture will help big time. The same goes for any general background in healing arts and Anatomy and Physiology.
    Generally we felt that even though the Intense course really was rather intense for the students – we didn’t even have time to take pictures! – it was a very positive and valuable experience and we are going to arrange a similar event in 2012 taking into consideration our students’ feedback. It was a successful “pilot” course and the major change we are going to make in the future is to spread out the days.
    Reading through our students’ feedbacks on their personal experiences we were pleased to find out that
    felt they were able to ask for what they wanted/needed
    had their views listened to and respected
    felt safe, loved and cared for in their processing and personal healing journey
    were well supported in developing their own power and making important choices during the training
    everyone appreciated the healing space created and the warm support received!
    We wish to thank our students for sharing their feedback with us and invite more opinions from everyone else.

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