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Welcome to the official site of the International Mandel Institute and Esogetics in the UK.

Here you will find general information on Esogetic holistic Medicine and its main therapy – the new natural health therapy of light and colours called Colourpuncture, our related therapies such as Crystal Therapy and others, your local therapists of Esogetic Colourpuncture and our training schedule.

You will also have the opportunity to browse through a full range of Esogetics products and order them through this site.

Welcome to the world of light and colours, welcome to the UK Colourpuncture Institute!

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  1. Paul

    It looks like a very interesting approach.
    What is it this crystal therapy? What kind of crystals are you using?

  2. ADMIN

    Peter Mandel has developed a unique and entirely new natural health therapy of Esogetic holistic Medicine which uses specially designed crystals and combines ancient knowledge about health benefits of Crystal Therapy with current research and even aesthetics! The beautiful Esogetic crystals have been manufactured by Swarowski company and are all embedded with the Earth hologram. Esogetic Crystal Therapy uses Crystal Activator, Gold and Silver Crystals and Element faceted crystals for gentle natural healing. Miniature Esogetic Crystal tattoos have also the Earth hologram engraved on each of them and are used both to enhance the effect of any Colorpuncture treatments and, on their own, in Esogetic Pain Therapy. Esogetic Crystal Ball can be used as an add-on extension of a Colourpuncture Light pen and significantly enhances specific Colorpuncture treatments. The Disc of Heart, which forms the main part of a new Set of Love, has been designed to tap into the very source of unconditional Love in your Heart and enhance affection and kind-heartedness. Esogetic Crystal Dream disc, part of a Dream Set has been specially developed in order to take already well-established Esogetic Dream Therapy to a new level. Please refer to our page on Esogetic Crystal Therapy on this site (subpage of Esogetic Holistic Medicine) for more information on the therapy and our Products page for details of all Crystal products. If you like the new crystals of Esogetics you might consider training with us; please visit colourpuncture.co.uk/category/crystal-therapy/ for more information on Crystal therapy.

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