Crystal Activator

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The Crystal activator will gently yet powerfully stimulate the self-healing powers and promote deep relaxation through reflex zones of your body. The crystal will balance both your body and  psyche “talking” and communicating  to your entire being.

The Crystal activator is positioned on your forehead where your “third eye” would be located. Your “third eye” area is the place where your whole life is mirrored. It is the gateway to everything that causes stress in your subconscious.

When you place the Crystal activator on your forehead, take a nice deep breath – breathing into your belly-  and focus on your inner world. Be open, inquisitive and ready to consciously notice your reactions. Get really interested in content of your own mind!

Your subconscious mind can only then free itself from any blockages, disturbances and conflicts which we all tend to accumulate as we go through our lives when you let yourself to discover – safely and effectively – those long and deep buried contents, gently bringing them to the surface and letting them go with peace. This deep release is vital for the  “adjustments” and balancing of distorted individual patterns and thus for your harmony and well-being.
The Crystal activator supports your in-built self-healing powers through very distinct reflex areas and its exact effect will be  precise to you and as unique as your whole being.

You can use the Crystal activator as a basic treatment for any problems and imbalances. It will balance out your body-mind, relax and stimulate you at the same time, all in exact proportions you body requires at the moment. It will also support your self-confidence and bring out your natural radiance.

Duration of application: It is best to start off by applying the crystal for about 10 minutes. After a while you can leave the Crystal activator in place for up to an hour. Close your eyes while using the crystal for a full richness of experience. You can also use the Crystal activator in combination with other Esogetic crystals.

The Crystal Activator Set from Peter Mandel consists of the Crystal activator, a Facetted Gold Crystal and you will also get an extensive guidance on how to it best.


Order 1600: Crystal Activator with Gold Crystal in a box: 650 € (incl. VAT)
Order 1610:  Crystal Activator in a box: 595 € (incl. VAT)

Enrich your life experience with Crystal Activator!