Energy Reflector Oil – special massage oil – according to Peter Mandel

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The Energy Reflector Oilspecial massage oil – is the newest product developed by the International Mandel Institute in cooperation with Esogetics GMBH. The special, protected formula is unique and it has been personally defined by Peter Mandel.

The Energy Reflector Oil can be simply used for pleasant skin care or for home massage, and also for a targeted therapeutic application.

For over 40 years, Peter Mandel has been studying the surface of the body in regard to the points and zones that reflect a link to the inner organs, along with the relationship with the individual human “soul”.

Based upon many years of experience, it has been possible to define some specific areas of muscle and skin, which are very helpful for staying healthy, for reducing stress and for relaxing. Many new systems have been developed within the scope of Esogetic Medicine. These are meanwhile used with great success by doctors and therapists throughout the entire world.

Energy Reflector Oil, a special massage oil according to Peter Mandel

Peter Mandel has always sought to interest even healthy people in simple self-treatments, since it is always better to seek prevention and become active before one becomes ill or suffers pain.

The Energy Reflector Oil has been especially created for this purpose, being a precious mixture of pure essential oils. Noteworthy is the high proportion of St. John’s Wort oil, which, figuratively speaking, enables to treat the “depressions” associated with the skin and with the muscles.

You can rub or massage the whole body or specific zones to have a refreshing effect, to reduce stress and to increase the body’s energy level.

Please read our free user manual on a new Esogetic energy reflector oil to find out more!


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  1. Violetta

    As far as I remember about St. John’s Wort, you shouldn’t take it if you are going to be under sun light. Any contraindications for this oil?

  2. Anoosh Liddell

    St. John’s Wort tablets or tincture is contraindicated for a person who is taking prescribed anti-depressant tables……..the question therefore arises: will the oil also be contraindicated?

  3. Irina

    With a new Energy Reflector Oil from Esogetics being a gentle skin care/home massage product this oil has no medical use. So, there is NO contraindication if the ENERGY OIL is used by a person who takes also prescribed anti-depressants.
    The tablets or tincture of St.John’s Wort are taken orally and so follow different rules and have many contraindications when taken together with prescribed medicines.
    In the Energy Reflector Oil there is a high percentage of St.John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) which is a substance traditionally used for relaxation and to help in case of mild depression; here it is used on the skin so a really low concentration of active ingredients is absorbed by the body (as opposite to oral medications). Hope it helps.

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