The 4 elements (temperaments) and Colourpuncture; Part 1: Active Fire

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How to choose your perfectly targeted 4 elements-based Colourpuncture treatment? What do we need to bear in mind when choosing the right therapies, approaches and/or understanding of our client’s personality better?

The 4 elements of Western tradition (which are different from Chinese 5 elements!) are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. All the elements are vital to life as they interact with each other. Also, we need to remember here that everything is contained in everything else and each element also containes all 4 within itself!

Fire needs Earth as a base on which to ignite and burn, and is then put into action by the breezes of Air. When Fire burns too fast then Water can put it out. Earth needs the power and warmth of Fire in order to constantly regenerate itself, the substance of Air to give it life and allow new growth and Water to nurture that growth. Air needs Fire to warm it up, Earth to impound and regulate its actions and Water to make a formation of rain and with it a continuation of life possible. Water needs Fire to dry it out and prevent it from swamping the Earth; Earth to stabilize its flow and the Air to fan it into action and help form tides.

Going from the element in nature to characters of different people as well as different parts of personality of the same person, we may notice that, generally, Fire element people are warm and enthusiastic, Earth element people are practical and earthy, Air element people are communicative and congenial, and Water element people are sensitive and emotional.

Starting with the Fire element and Active Fire – corresponding to Aries according to Western Astrology – we can often see that a typical Active Fire person (Aries according to birth Sun sign but also anyone else with a dominant Active Fire element) will be: energetic, enthusiastic, impatient, impulsive, self-centered, outspoken, thoughtless, strong-minded, hot-tempered, adventurous, excitable, domineering.

Extroverted Active Fire is ruled by planet Mars and rules the head. Aries, the corresponding star sign, being the first sign of the zodiac, is the sign of new beginnings. It’s a dynamic pioneer in body and spirit, open to new ideas and embracing personal freedom. Health-wise, Active Fire people tend to suffer from all kinds of headaches, especially migraines, as well as other head- and face-related problems. All sort of bumps, lumps and skin defects tend to appear around the head area. Also, due to extreme impulsiveness and carelessness, Active Fire tends to be accident prone. At the same time, they tend to be tough and strong so their bodies can endure pain and strife easier than most other signs. Rest and relaxation are vital for Active Fire. If only they wouldn’t consider any relaxation as a sure sign of laziness or weakness!

What are the general challenges that your Active Fire client might have in addition to their personal complaints picture? As a powerful fire sign with natural abundance of energy they need to learn how to positively channel their energy, manage activity and relaxation for better health, well-being and performance.
Coordination treatments n 6,9 and 10 are beneficial for them for de-stressing and balancing the brain and Central Nervous System in general; thalamus/medulla oblongata lines and points; as well as all the treatments for migraines. Induction therapy programs could be a blessing here both from therapeutical perspective and also because they can make a manageble homework – quick, easy and results-bearing.

Apart from this traditionally well-working Active Fire portfolio of treatments, your clients might also benefit from any therapies directed on developing their inner voice, inner vision and generally intuition or the gut sense.  With Active Fire’s emphasis on action=doing they need to learn the art of being so any of the therapies directed on mastering of tranquility and connecting to the inner core will help.

With their constant search for identity and personal growth they might need some ether treatments at some point, including Prenatals, or specific Colourpuncture treatments for elements arising from Dream disc applications (please see our Crystal training for details).

One of the Active Fire’s spiritual challenges is also to learn a meaning of an unconditional, self-less love so the disc of the heart from a crystal  Set of Love will just do the job.

Conflict resolution is a good regular treatment of choice for Active Fire as it will keep sorting out the likely consequences of their Mars energy in constant action; also any thalamus treatments for lack of direction in life and developing an inner vision will be beneficial.  Even with Liver/Gall Bladder being all Fires’ primary Function Circle (with all Li/Gb treatments applicable here) they might also need Stomach/Pancreas/Spleen Function circles therapies in case any decisions issues arise. Active Fire conflicts will burn strongly so a timely conflict resolution as well as timely decision making techniques and treatments are of great help.

On a practical side of running your clinical practice, your Active Fire clients are likely to expect fast results from your treatment; they generally adore the challenge and quick pace in anything and so might find a long and well-thought of treatment plan very boring. You also need to keep in mind that they don’t generally like to be told what to do – or, indeed, listen to your therapeutic recommendations. Attention to the details might not be the strongest point of Active Fire and it’s really worth keeping in mind when compiling a treatment plan and/or agreeing on their homework in order to reduce the likelihood of them taking the wrong course of action. With patience being a potential problem for them you might need to be prepared to support your Active Fire client when a longer treatment program is truly needed. And, as a last note, don’t make them wait too long in your waiting room! Even though they might themselves not necessary have time-keeping as their strongest trait they really dislike waiting.

Generally,  a brave and bold Active Fire element brings a lot of much-needed change into the world, new ways of being, real results and also beautifully strong energy into our lives and are much needed courageous pioneers of the Zodiac.

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